Lamian is a type of Chinese noodle. Lamian is made by twisting, stretching and folding the dough into strands, using the weight of the dough. The length and thickness of the strands depends on the number of times the dough is folded. This unique method of making noodles originated in China. More information can be found in wiki.

This is by far the best hand made noodle in Singapore. Validated by someone from China whose hometown is famous for its noodles.

The noodles is so bouncy that even Spiderman can use it to replace his web. Hahaha. It is so fresh that everytime I eat it… It sends me to a place of zenness and heaven that I can’t remember anything else. So happy!

A bowl is SGD $4-5. And the pan fried dumplings, must try lah! Eat till you shiokerholic…. Goto/Ju Hao Dumpling noodles