I just could not wait to write about my experience with Binomio. It has been around for so many year, when I lived 5 mins away from this place years ago, I didn’t get to try it, till this year.

When I travel down to the neighbour to try out new resturants, I always end up turning back to this resturant even thought I am on the opposite side of the street. It like a huge magnet. So what/who is the magneto?

It is the positive vibe from all the staffs. Smiley, warm, polite, beauitful. It just felt so welcoming.

Well, of cos the food must be good too, for me to go back again. Every single dish has the right balance of the taste. This evening, I just had the best chicken breast in a resturant. PowWow! Not kidding, soft and moist with the perfect sauce! The professionalism of the chef is another plus point. We ordered fresh antichoke with clam (BEST), he came out to inform us that the sauce today is not up to his standard and would not recommend that tonight and offered to prepare his favourite clam. Damn! Fresh and fat clam. It is like Singapore La La had too much good food, fat fat meat.

Lamp, oxtail stew, squids, prawns are yummliciously yummy, (two yummies) They have nice selection of Cava and wine.

Don’t forget to try their dessert (whiskey egg white something with coconut) sorry, too good that I can’t remember the exact name.

See pictures and the menu is right at their website if you are planning to go. Recommend to make reservation cos always packed unless you prefer to eat later like after 8pm.

Food 4.8/5 Service 4.9/5 Price $$$/5 without alcohol. (5 big serving of Tapas) 1 Tapas can serve 2 to 4 people)

How to get there?