Torimatsu – Yakitori

OMG! You must go there! Family owned business and right from chaocoal. Please get your hotel to book for you. It is located at the main station – Kutchan. It is 15 mins taxi ride, expensive ride, hence, best if there are a few of you to share the taxi (est. 2500 to 3000 Yen per ride) If you are staying at an Atas (aka expensive) resort, they might have free shutter bus every hour to the main station and you can walk there from the main station. I love sitting at the counter where you see all the food prepared in action!

Price is reasonable $$$/5 including Yamazaki Highballsssssssss.

Please order all you wanna eat at once and be expected to enjoy the place for at least 2 hours as there is only 1 cool man doing the BBQ. We love love love love it!