I love Shabu Shabu and am always hunting for nice places in Japan. Recommendations not in order of deliciousness.

#1 Niimura

3 adults cost us around 23,000 Yen for 1 set of premium pork, 1 set of pork with vegatables and 1 premium beef, 3 sashimi 5 double highball, 2 draft beer. See pictures lah! 🙂 enjoy!

#2 銀座しゃぶ通 好の笹

This is another MUST TRY shabu shabu, a little pricey ($$$$/5) but worth the try. As it is in Japanese, please request hotel to help you to book it. It is on top of a shopping mall and you can shop before or after.

*Ask for a window table 🙂