Travel dates : 13-Apr-19 to 17-Apr-19

How to get there?

Journey starts at Narita airport Terminal 1 arrival bus stop No. 7.

Purchase ticket in advanced and check bus timing @ Japanbusonline

Search @ JapanBusonline – Destination – Narita-Kawaguchiko Station travelling time – 3.20 hour

There are buses from Shinjuku station too if you decided to spend sometime in Tokyo first. Est. 2 hours to Kawaguchiko Station.

Most hotels will pick you up at Kawaguchiko Station platform No. 10. Please arrange with them in advanced. I rang them when I got to the station and they were there in 5 mins. 

* Recommend that you buy your return ticketo online as well to avoid long Q at the station if you are the highness who does not like to wait. 😉

Where to stay?

During Spring and Autumn, please book hotel in advanced (6 to 8 months) if you wish to stay in a nice hotel with lake or Mt Fuji view. I would check where I want to stay and email to the hotel directly to ask if they have opened for booking if travel sites state fully booked or sold out.

When to be here?

I am here to catch the Mt Fuji Flower Festival (google Fuji Shibazakura Festival to get more information) but flowers ain’t opened yet, will be another 2 weeks. Oh well, always another time. There are plenty to explore here so okay lah.

How to commute?

I recommend staying here for at least 2 nights and rent a car @ Car Rental near to Kawaguchiko station. Their public buses are packed during the day. Google map is good enough to get you around. (I am staying 4 nights here :-)) Lots to see when while driving and timing is more flexible.

For those new drivers, their driving speed around 5 lakes is @40km/hr, so you can practice your driving skill with no stress, wah ka ka ka. But of cos some people will get impatient lah, but you are within speed limit, you have done nothing wrong. kakakkaa…

15-Apr – Monday

Sunny blue sky today. Quick breakkie and off to find the best Mt. Fuji spot mission before tour buses get here!

One of the best places around Kawaguchiko Lake for Sakura flowers and Mt. Fuji is Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum area. You can take a stroll along the lake with beautiful flowers. Best to go early in the morning before 9am. Sunrise around 5am during spring. Once the Sun is up around 10ish, the light won’t shine well as your face will look dark when Mt. Fuji is your backdrop.

Nice boh? Wah ha ha ha…I like.


If you have a car and want to see another view of Mt. Fuji where there are no packed tour buses, drive up to this mountain only takes you 30mins to reach the carpark from Music Forest Museum area. Hike to the top of the mountain is around 1 hour each way. Look for the big map at the big carpark. Plan your time well to avoid coming down when dark please ….. 🙂 Amazing!!

Ain’t gonna show you this photo so you can get the surprise. hohohoho

Best time: Sunrise or before Sunset.

Next spot for Mt. Fuji…

Wanna see where the picture on 1000Yen boh? Drive to Koan Camping Ground area, pass the camping ground around 5 mins and you will see a small packing side on your left. You will get to walk down from the side where many Japanese go there for fishing. Absolutely great spot to Mt. Fuji!

Next…. and you will still see Mt. Fuji…

Have lunch at Asagiri Food Park, try their freshly made milk ice cream…. just deliciously fab! Got to the local markets to grab some local goodies. There is even locally produced beers!!!!!! Don’t play play hoh…

There are many outdoors tables and seating areas for you to enjoy your lunch or tea while looking at the Majestic Mt. Fuji….yes…. again. kakakakakaka


Not far from Asagiri Food Park lies this Shiraito Falls! Park at the Tourist Information Centre and walk down 10 mins……… and you will see this OMG waterfall! I actually sat there and meditated and gave thanks to the beautiful mother nature. It was not crowded at around 3:30pm.

If for sunset and you still want to see Mr. Mt Fuji???? Drive to this place for sunset.

Do check what time is the sunset. From Shiraito Fall to the sunset view point is around 1 hour if you drive a little faster….

16-Apr – Tuesday

Super sunny day again! So lucky!

If you google Mt. Fuji and Shrine, you will find one of the most famous pictures, Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja. It is about 10 mins drive from Kawaguchigo Lake. The nearest train station is Shimoyoshida Station, once you get off the train, I am sure there are signs everywhere or you can always follow the crowd if you are too shy to ask anyone.

Please try to be there before 9am, before all the tourists flock into the venue. Super crowded when taking the famous picture and along the steps. But it is a nice walk nonetheless.

Tips: You can walk along the walk way on the left side of the mountain where there are tons of photo opportunities with Sakura and Mt. Fuji. If the main carpark is full, try the few small carparks right before the entrance, they charged 1000Yen. It is worth it compared to walking from far far away if you can’t get into the main carpark.

If you want peace and nature that is 5 mins drive from Main Station, Google Kawaguchiko Park. There is playgound for kids and a little 10 mins walk around the park. Plenty of parking lots.

Where to eat huh?

Dinner : I super like this place – Cooliya , open fom 630pm. The deco is pretty and the food super duper deliciously yummy despite limited selection. Yumz to the max.

  1. 4.5/5 – Overall experience
  2. 4/5 – Food
  3. $$ – Price (5 ($) is super expensive)

Lunch : Udon or Saba run by a Japanese couple. They are super sweet, but please be patient as they are only 2 and they cover cooking, cleaning, bill and ice-cream making. Before or after lunch, just hop to the old village.

880 Yen for this set. 1 Udon and 3 rice wrapped in beancurd skin.

Another must eat is the freshly made udon. There are 5 outlets in the area, look for Hoto Fudou. About 10 mins drive from Kawaguchiko Lake or 5 mins from Fuji Highland.